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Scott's Irrigation and Landscaping offers the installation of irrigation systems by a crew of hard working, dedicated professionals. Since 1977, the company has installed hundreds of underground drip systems and above ground sprinklers for both residential and commercial properties. The company's talent and experience has gained Scotts Irrigation and Landscaping a reputation for the installation of a quality, long lasting product. Over the past 43 years, Scotts Irrigation has become familiar with the area's specific topography and soil composition and has developed extensive knowledge on how to install irrigation systems of all types and in a variety of situations.

When you hire Scott's Irrigation, you are hiring a Santa Fe based irrigation company that are irrigation experts, we know the industry inside and out, from the latest products and technology to the best practices for emitter placement and quantity.

Irrigation Services Offered

Automated irrigation systems (underground drip systems and lawn sprinkler systems) keep plants, trees, and lawns healthy, save water and save time. We use a wide variety of quality irrigation components and brands that we trust based on our knowledge and years of experience in the field. Using the highest quality products insures the efficiency and longevity of each new system we install. Our irrigation services include:

  • Automated irrigation systems operated by a user friendly wall timer or Smart controller
  • Underground drip irrigation systems installation
  • Lawn sprinkler system installation
  • Spring irrigation start up services
  • Winterizing of Irrigation systems
  • Ongoing maintenance services
  • Trouble shooting irrigation system problems
  • Modifying and upgrading existing systems

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Our Services

We've been designing and installing landscapes in Santa Fe since 1977!
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