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Santa Fe, NM, Landscaping company Scott's Irrigation are the top professionals in the area for irrigation systems for gardens, home landscaping, xeriscape landscaping, flower beds and lawns. Santa Fe, NM, population in 1977, when the company started, was 50,000. Now in 2015 it is 71,000. Since 1977 the company has installed hundreds of irrigation systems for homes, gardens and commercial properties. The company's talent and experience in Santa Fe, NM, in landscaping irrigation is far and above the best. After 40 years it is very familiar with the area topography, soil and ground consistency, and it knows how to install irrigation systems of all types and all types of situations.

When you hire Scott's Irrigation you are hiring a Santa Fe irrigation company that are bonafide irrigation experts, we know the industry inside and out, from the latest products and technology to the installation, and best of all, we get the job done right the first time.

Automated Irrigation Systems

Automated irrigation systems (underground drip systems and lawn sprinkler systems) keeps plants, trees, and lawns healthy, saves water, eliminates hand watering, and saves time.

  • Automated irrigation systems are on a hassle free timer.
  • Automated irrigation systems include rain checks that turn off the timer automatically when it rains which saves water and reduces your watering expenses.

Irrigation Services
Irrigation Services Offered
We use a wide variety of quality irrigation components and brands that we trust based on our knowledge and years of experience in the field. This insures the efficiency and longevity of each new system we install. Our irrigation services include:

  • Underground drip irrigation systems installation
  • Lawn sprinkler system installation
  • Spring irrigation start up services
  • Fall system flush out services
  • Ongoing maintenance services
  • Trouble shooting on irrigation system problems
  • Modifying and upgrading existing systems

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We've been building patios, portals and flagstone walkways since 1977!

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